St Thomas More High School

External Candidates


If you would like to register as an External Candidate at St Thomas More High School please download the registration form and email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively registration forms can be collected from our school reception

We endeavour to reply to registrations within 5 working days

Registrations received after the deadline of 1st February 2019 will be considered but my be subject to late fees.


 There are 3 fees payable for sitting an exam as an External Candidate:-

  1. Entry Fee – this amount is determined by the exam board, dependent on subject and level of exam being taken.
  2. Registration Fee – this is a flat fee of £50 per subject
  3. Invigilation Fee – charged at £8 per hour of exam. 

 Entry fees and exam times/length can be found on the exam board websites.

Access Arrangements

Please find further information on access or special arrangements here

Specific access arrangements will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Evidence of need and additional testing may be required

Deadline for access arrangements: 20th December 2018


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