St Thomas More High School

External Candidates


If you would like to register as an External Candidate at St Thomas More High School please download the registration form and email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively registration forms can be collected from our school reception

We endeavour to reply to registrations within 5 working days

Deadline is 1st October 2021 for November Season, 1st February 2022 for June (Summer) Season 


Fees for the exam will vary depending on what qualification you are sitting:-

GCSE (excluding Combined Science/MFL)                     £140

GCSE MFL                                                                 £150

GCSE Combined Science                                             £180


A-Level                                                                     £230


GCSE and A-level course that require a spoken exam or an NEA component will be subject to additional examiners fees. This can be discussed with the Exams Officer via the email above.

We do not currently register candidates for practical subjects such as PE, Art or Technology


Access Arrangements

If you require further information on access or special arrangements please email the Exams Officer via the email above with the appropriate forms.

Specific access arrangements will only be considered on receipt of request form and correct paperwork

Evidence of need and additional testing may be required

Deadline for access arrangements: 1st November 2021